RVB Facials

RVB Facials

RVB Diego Dalla Palma Deep cleanse: A deep cleansing treatment that increases the vitality of the skin cells and improves the detoxification of the cells for a clean and balanced skin. This treatment is ideal for anyone and is a

Vitaderm Facials

Vitaderm Facials

Vitaderm Student Facial: A deep cleansing facial focusing on problem skin doing extractions and seeing to skins condition and helping reduce the appearance of acne and comedones. Ideal for teenagers who need some attention to their skin, giving them the

Facelift Non Surgical

Facelift Non Surgical

The Non Surgical Facelift ( Face Lift ) treatment targets skin ageing with micro-current. Micro-current mimics the body’s own natural bio-electrical impulses. Our brain is continuously sending out impulses through the spinal column to our muscles and soft tissue. As

"a place where you can come and relax"

Situated in a residential area, Quiet Moments is truly a get away from the "rush" and the "buzz" - come and relax while we create absolute beauty....

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Quiet Moments is a Beauty Salon in Brackenfell area where you can come and relax while being treated with the utmost professional therapy. We aim to make you feel welcome and pampered when you enter our premises. We offer a

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Have been a good customer for many years. Jodrika is a wonderful and very experienced beauty therapist and I recommend her highly

Brenda Hunt

Very professional

Thea Smit